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What Types of Luxury Bags Are Available?

  • handle bagClutches – A clutch is a handbag that does not have any handles. They have a rectangular shape, and they are usually an evening bag, however, you can use them any time of day.
  • Messenger BagsMessenger bags have a single long strap, and you wear the strap across the body. These relatively large bags can carry a substantial amount of items. The original intent of these bags was for messengers who delivered items, generally in an urban environment. The design proved popular though and made the transition to luxury and high-end bags.
  • Shoulder Bags – Shoulder bags generally have one to two straps and you wear them over the shoulder. The straps are generally not as long as those found on the messenger bags.
  • Top Handle – As the name would suggest, these types of bags feature the handle, made from wood, plastic, or some other material, on the top of the bag. The handle is generally much smaller than a traditional strap.
  • Totes – These bags had their inspiration from shopping bags. A tote is a sturdy bag. They are generally rectangular or square with an open top and two handles. Some of the totes may have some zippered compartments inside, but that is not the case with all of them.
  • Travel – Travel bags are generally large enough to hold essential items, such as two or three day’s worth of clothing and toiletries. Some may be smaller. They may look similar to a duffle bag, but the luxury bags look much nicer.